Grow your business. Brand your name.  Communicate your story. Connect with clients. Sell your product.  Expand your network. Reveal your process. Engage your audience.  Share your message. Reach new customers.

So you have this awesome band. You practice six days a week. Five hours a day. You go on tours. People come. They support your music. They listen to your sounds. They quiver at the release of your new album. Give them a little something more.

You are getting married. This is a huge commitment. The beginning of a new journey. An epic adventure. Lots of flowers. Everyone you love will be there. The beautiful union of two. Soul mates. You will grow old together. Make it memorable.

These are the fun little projects that make us come alive. They make us realize life is good. That there is always time to play. To create without inhibition. to explore. To generate. To wonder. To be human.

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